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Hunleys for HumanKind
Public Health, Public Policy, and Public Sector Consulting Services

Hunleys for Humankind is a small, twin, BLACK-WOMAN-owned business that offers a breath of consulting services operated by Rachel and Rachelle Hunley. Combined, we have over ten years of experience in Virginia's public and private sectors. Our unique employment experience, independence, and perspectives allow us to resolve issues and solutions significantly more quickly than any other consulting team.

Empower Communities Today!



Consulting with Purpose

Equity is important to us. Our strategy is not only to ensure all have a seat at the table, but we also work with Powerful Groups Targeted for Oppression to create their own spaces to grow and thrive. Hunleys for Humankind collaborates with innovative public health and policy professionals and a plethora of funders (including community health foundations) that seek to make opportunities available to all, especially to the most vulnerable among us. Through our work, we recognize community concerns and understand the connections between socioeconomic, generational, and cultural factors. We aim to address issues through a public health lens and tackle the root causes of health disparities. 

We'd love to work with you and your team! Please do not hesitate to contact us to help you plot the next moves you can make to address public health-related challenges or promote positive health impact.

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